Last July I bought old 7/8 Edaco razor on famous Jarmark Dominikański (flea market in Gdańsk). It costed less than 10 USD.

Here is how it looks today

It took me a while to get to this shape. Initially I tried to use it for my porcelain scales (read it here) but finally I switched to melamine scales done from scratch. The material is very nice, closer to natural materials than any plastic/acrylic like.

The width was much higher than needed

In fact, that was my first restoration. Cleaning and polishing was not a surprise – tedious and lengthy manual work. But there were some other fields of experimentation for me. See below.

First of all, I got bored with mirror glossy razors and inspired by one Cichy’s razors (see it here) I wanted to achieve similar satin or even black finish. The first attempt with use of hot vinegar was a definite failure – the surface was irregular and uneven. Following the guidance from Cichy, I washed the razor several times in 8% FeCl₃ iron chloride with brushing it carefully in between. It gave the very smooth nice satin finish. With except to the central place of the blade which I covered with adhesive tape for logo. There, the surface remained mirror glossy.

The other experiment was to use special paper to make etching stencil. I must admit, it is very convenient way to prepare logos which will be not reproduced many times (otherwise other more permanent methods will bring better effects at reasonable costs). This method for stencils makes sense even for a single instance. Etching itself is made with electricity.

Another experimentation was with the pins. I used nylon inner washers (I’m still not sure why they should be made from metal) and then used steel rod with brass washers. In my perception, this combination, fits better the scales.

This is the starting point.

Acrylic wedge does its job nicely.