The Centenary of Regaining Independence of the Republic of Poland

In November 1918, after 123 years of absence on European political maps, Poland regained its independence. Indeed this is a special – once a life – event. It deserves celebration and deeper reckoning on the past and the present.

I do believe that this is an opportunity to celebrate both: in private (especially with kids) and in groups. Not necessarily by means of large, centrally sponsored events, shows and marches. But also in local communities nearby or communities of interests. Why not release any special limited series of craftwork?

Exactly on The Day (11th of Nov), I came to the idea to release limited edition, hand-made, red-white colors mugs and handle. The idea was to merge with and to identify with all the other ways of celebrating this even. Hence increasing the variety of approaches yet unity as well. I applied to the National Programme Niepodlegla with a request to join it officially. Being a part of the multiyear celebration programme gives the right to use its logo and be enrolled to the official list of events. The approval was granted by Mr. minister Jaroslaw Sellin.

The mug will be thrown by me on a pottery wheel in limited number and distributed in charity auctions. The prototype is ready and will be presented in this blog soon.

Read more on the events and celebrations of the anniversary, as well as on the history of regaining the independence at