Almost a year ago a strange idea came to my mind – to make razor scales out of porcelain. I have never seen anything similiar before, whether from porcelain, marble or modified stones. Myself, I really enjoy porcelain look and touch, it smoothness and noble experience.

From very beginning it appeared as almost impossible, but the same time I took as a challenge and driver for experimentation. It is not only about the risk of cracking but most of all shrinking. Shrinking means unpredictability regarding the size and shape. Obviously, in the industrial manufacturing processes (e.g. bathroom tiles) it is properly designed, tested and different technology is used (pressure molds, almost dry body). I’m just an amator and ceramics is my hobby, not even source of additional income.

But some bravery and persistency brings results.

My goal is to make a shaving set, composed of brush, scull, AF bottle and razor. Here is the starting point – the brush which I made earlier this year. In fact this is my first agateware. From very beginning it became may daily shaving tool.

On 21st ofNovember 2018 I rolled and cut out the scales. I decided to assume 0,84 shrinking ratio based on some observations from past. The main uncertainty was about how the shape affects shrinking in different dimentions. For drying process, I put some little weight on it. Later came to conclusions that I was over hesitant, it should have been much heavier load.

At the end of November I fired it to bisque. To my surprise and satisfaction it did not bend. Then much time was spent on shaping it and polishing. The most time consuming, stressfuland really tedious part was to drill the wholes for rivets. Hardness of the material and risk of cracking resulted in 1.5h spent on drilling a single whole. Then polishing and trial to put all together.

Last night and today, I have fired it finally at 1250C (a bit too high). Result is more than satisfying. Colours are now more saturated, white is more opal and a bit transparent. Most of all – the size comes perfect with 1mm precision – at first attempt!

Next steps is assembling it all together and pinning.


About the razor – I take it as experimental item. It was bought this summer on market (Jarmark Dominikanski) for 7EUR. Later a bit refreshed by myself.