October and November were mainly focused on preparations for the closure of the “Niepodległa” action that I started a year ago. As you may read in other posts, the goal was to release a set of custom-made pottery, a knife and a razor. I wanted to make (or rather encourage other makers to produce) a set of products matching one another and all under one umbrella of the national programme for “Niepodległa”. Bad news is that I didn’t manage to go this way and get all artefacts under single design but the good message is that all 3 products have been successful released.


The above 9/8 razor was designed by Rafał Lewandowski (nick Lewy, see LR logo on the neck) following the bests designs in the history. Although you cannot find the well-known CC logo on it, the blade itself was made by Sebastian Cichomski. This is another guarantee factor of the highest quality. Both colleagues can be met at knives.pl forum. The polishing and finishing, making the scales (oak and red G19) and the most appealing part – the engraved and painted flag with dates and the eagle, was all perfectly done by Lewy. It might be not that visible but the logo (multi passes of electric and chemical etching) is deep and really tree-dimentional. The red and white painting is very durable (kind of thermo-stablized paint used for bottle caps). At the end, the razor itself is not at all merely and exhibition artefact – it is very practical for daily use. Below you can see how this razor  in action, recoreded by Pimps, namely Mariusz Sapeta.

What can I say more? I’m the humble owner of it. But I would be grateful if this is not a single piece but rather the first in a short series. In case you are interested in getting it, contact the maker or send me an email.


Pottery was the easiest to me, fully under my control. Once the final design of the razor showed up, I turned obvious that the ceramics shall follow the same color patter. This is how this set of rustic black (to resemble the facture of the black oak) with the red rounds and galleries came to real. I’m happy with the result – simple, practical and nice. In fact I made different handles, lathering bowls, AS bottle, a mug and even a candle holder. All that can be seen in different pictures below. All, except the duo-band brash which I use as my primary tool for daily shaving, has been given to charity. But will make more pieces in similar design.


Just few days prior the Independence Day, it came to me that the goal was to release also a knife. I have (almost) never made any knife myself (except 1 very practical guy made for myself during my scouting times, which by the way is still in use and fully operational). So, what could I do not having established any cooperation with knives makers? Fortunately, some 15 years ago, I bought raw blade on flea market that could be used as a starting point. It must have been the maker who sold it to me. I remember him selling quite a number of similar blades. But I have no clue who was the maker and if he operates until now. Until October I had been using the blade mainly for throwing – yes, lack of handle was the enabler for progressive learning of this unneeded skill. I found the blade the best candidate for quick make of a knife which can fit in the design to the ceramics and the razor, and still be fully useful (so called EDC category).

The above picture shows the final effect, when being used in the field. The below pictures document some phases of preparations: grinding, polishing, etching the logo, making the scales mounting the pin.

I have to add that the pin is excellent. It was bought from one of the eshops in Poland but was produced by Alexey Balatsky who takes the orders also directly and is very cooperative.

I wanted to have the blade looking aggressive therefore decided to make satin finish for tang and spine but leave glossy hollow.

The knife has been made just for my private use. No plans to make more. Honestly, it still requires some perfections.