Welcome to my blog,

I want to share my interests. In fact, I learned a lot while watching youtube movies and reading articles from others. It is amazing how much and how amazing things people voluntarily. I remember well from past when such open sharing was considered as depreciation and mastering of specific piece of crafting was limited to direct relation of master – pupil. It is almost gone. But we can also observe how often lack of this sharing culture leads, at the end, to taking away the precious knowledge to the grave. In nearby my family place there is a village which used to be in the past The Village of potters. Now, there is a single one potter alive. All what they mastered for so long is gone.

I’m not saying that my work is any masterpiece and have extra unusual knowledge for sharing. But at least what I have, including failures, I can share. …and get some more motivation for further experimentations.


Don’t be surprised, it is still under construction