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Steam punk ceramics

Steam punk is great! I’ve made some artefacts in my own way. Those who like this style in design they enjoy the buys below a lot. Others not. There is still space for new details and approaches. In both – glazing and mechanical elements. The best would be to experiment with glazing in wood firing kiln and get closer to what Tim See is doing. I hope to come to this point in some time. There are also a lot of examples with excelente mechanical details. But my concern is – the effort needed to make them and than serious doubt how fragile are they in use (if it can be used at all).

In fact the above pieces were not the first approach to make steam punk from me. I did in very beginning of my pottery journey with different clay and glaze. Not all successful, mainly due to its heavy weight. But still ok.

Definitely I will continue, but with a longer break. It is not something that I want to make in series. Every piece is different by definition. I have some nice ideas to include gear wheels etc, but need a bit more preparations and tooling. That is not immediate.

And finally also the double wall shaving scuttle. There is double bottom and the aside containers for hot water.

charity, pottery, shaving

On stock

Mam parę hobbistycznie wytworzonych produktów ceramicznych do oddania na cele charytatywne. Jeśli ktoś chce, to proszę o wpłatę wartości przedmiotu wg uznania na rzecz organizacji pożytku publicznego, najlepiej OPP Możesz. Warunkiem jest by była to organizacja formalnie zarejestrowana i pomagająca chorym dzieciom. Do mnie proszę wysłać potwierdzenie wpłaty i blankiet inpost na gabaryt B. Nie sprzedaje. Nie udzielam gwarancji. Nie podaję ceny. Jeżeli, ktoś chce kupić miskę za określonę cenę z gwarancją to polecam np. pracownię Mruki, albo RekoGary (oba sklepy podają wyszukiwarki), albo innego ceramika.

Zdjęcia pokazują rzeczywiste wyroby z ich wadami. Światło na zdjęciach trochę zbyt ciepłe więc nieco przekłamuje. Więcej wyjaśnień było w filmie o miskach.

A. miseczki ala whaler

B. Kapek porcelanowy

C. Kapek nieporcelanowy

D. Miska TG1

E. Kubas

I ryflowana (po lewej)

J. Mieszana

K. Miska, kubek i gryf ala jasper (bez knota)

L. Czajnik do golenia

bowls, charity, pottery, shaving, shaving brush

March firing

Almost all goes for charity.


Some mugs are made from self composed clay in transparent and angobe.

Some others are cracked with sodium siliacate and then decorated with oxides (iron or cupper) and then glazed in transparent.

And regular mugs with mixed glazes.

Lathering sets and bowls

Sets of lathering bowls of different type plus brush handles or mugs.

Double-wall lathering set

Cofee cups

Trials for beads

Trial to achieve the crocodile skin effect with angobe. Failded. The bowl cracked and the angobe has been overfired. However the handle and the bottle are fully ok.

John’s Beads and John’s Beads 2, both failed to achieve the expected effects of drops or crockodile skin.

Paddled wase

My fist paddled piece .

charity, pottery, shaving

December firing

Shortly saying, these are the latest firing results.

various shapes with 65dkg of clay
variations of tankards
impressed ball-shape mugs
Lila shaving bowl
Lila brush handle
seledongrun bowl
another grune-aue bowl
shaving bell in black and bit of red
porcelain container
it is not out of this firing but is still available (handle is gone)
bottle correction
in front: porcelain box, behind: selecod bottle
porcelain set
porcelain green coffee plates
clearance 2019 – if you wish something for charity give me a shout
clearance 2019 – if you wish something for charity give me a shout
clearance 2019 – if you wish something for charity give me a shout
clearance 2019 – if you wish something for charity give me a shout


charity, pottery, shaving

Unload 2018

I rush to unload the kiln and manage to release some mugs and handles made to celebrate anniversary of Polish Independence (see more on the celebration from top menu – you may  select different languages). The goal was to make it still in 2018!

What you can see here are the prototypes done from different materials and with different shapes. Thanks to community, I could learn from the poll on your preferences. I must say that some choices are surprising to me. I voted for simple handle and a regular mug. But it the sculptured handle and fluted mug seem to be most appreciated. See the results of voting in here (click on report button).

In addition to mugs and handles for Niepodległa, I managed to fire some other stuff. See it below.


charity, pottery, shaving, shaving brush


Here I put all the pigments at hand alltogether. It went crazy, but might be appreciated by those who look for something fresh and modern.

BTW, it fits nice to the shaving bell made before. The bell has gone but the handle goes for charity soon.

charity, pottery

Leading up to Christmas

Before saying Marry Christmas, we are still in the advent period. It is high time we emptied pockets and got rid of money for charity.

Some of the recent pieces have been given out for charity auctions on various shaving portals (see the links at the bottom). Here is the next guy to be posted for charity. Porcelain white-blue agateware with single trace of red.

All funds go directly to the charity organization Mozesz (which is formally recognized under Polish legal regulations and registered accordingly).