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Wypieki Q3’23

Whisky cup reglaze

Kubek był już kilkukrotnie szkliwiony. Zaczynał od Saphranu, potem jakieś shino. Na końcu dosał Saturation Metalić. Wyszła więc niepowtarzalna kombinacja. Forma pochodzi z japońskiego wzoru na whisky cup, ale zasadniczo używa się go także to TG.

Kilka gryfów

Tym razem cel polegał na zrobieniu rączek szorstkich, przynajmniej w miejscu uchwytu oraz w rozmiarze knota fi 24. Jeden z gryfów miał tworzyć komplet z miską spękaną.


W tym zestawie chodziło o dopasowanie gryfu do miedzianego klina w SK2.

Deep See Blue

Nawiązanie do Stirlinga Deep Sea Blue.


bowls, charity, pottery, shaving, shaving brush

March firing

Almost all goes for charity.


Some mugs are made from self composed clay in transparent and angobe.

Some others are cracked with sodium siliacate and then decorated with oxides (iron or cupper) and then glazed in transparent.

And regular mugs with mixed glazes.

Lathering sets and bowls

Sets of lathering bowls of different type plus brush handles or mugs.

Double-wall lathering set

Cofee cups

Trials for beads

Trial to achieve the crocodile skin effect with angobe. Failded. The bowl cracked and the angobe has been overfired. However the handle and the bottle are fully ok.

John’s Beads and John’s Beads 2, both failed to achieve the expected effects of drops or crockodile skin.

Paddled wase

My fist paddled piece .

pottery, shaving, shaving brush

Rubberset brush

The history of the rubberset brushes starts in 1831 in New York and continues until now. There is an excellent website about its history, versions and related forum. I will be not repeating the story. You can see all the pictures of how the shape and material has been evolving along time. Nice source of inspiration.

The shape of this brush is well and widely recognized in the wet-shaving community. They are being produced out of wood or metal. I wondered if this can be followed but made of ceramics.

I tried to do it from stoneware clay. The handle fits for 28 diameter brush. I admit, I’m satisfied with the result.

rubberset brush

The other approach, from the same firing, is made from marbled porcelain. Here the attempt was a bit different – to follow the modern design of rubberset. The difference is visible at the top (smaller diameter of the top than the base) and in number of flutings in the handle. It fits to 26mm knot.

At the end I would redirect you to other attempts to follow the rubberset design. Here is nice design of charcoal. There are also other very nice sources of pictures and reviews.

photography, shaving, shaving brush

Travel set

Recently I prepared the above shaving set for my travels. It is small, humble, not fragile for dropping, rust resistant and light.

It is based on common Polish made razor wapienica chirurgiczna. Certainly, it is not a cutting-edge product itself. Just common tool for daily shaving from the times when it was just an ordinary routing activity of any man, not limited to gentleman or extravagant dinos. Althought it is far from proper balance in the the weight (scales are too heavy), in my opinion is stil very nice and deserves appreciacion. I like its simplicity and aesthetic look. The ability to boil it in hot water might be also taken as an advantage. As you may see, I used archaic leather tight case. I bought it on street flea market with other German razor. But I suppose it is self-made, again, for daily use in the past.

Second is the brush. It is fully made by Stando Shaving Accessories, Polish maker of custom handles and brushes who is well known in the wet-shaving community. Generally I prefer to use natural knots, But for travelling this guy, which is fully synthetic (Silk Smoke from APShaveCo ), offers important advantages. I appreciate it for its look and softness. When working with Cella soap (block version) it comes very fast and efficient – as it should in travel where there might be not chance and time for soaking knots in warm water. For evidence – see the below clip.

The strap comes from my photo gear bag. It comes absolutely sufficient for in-travel stropping. 5cm wide and long enough. No need to carry anything else, unless I have my leather trousers’ belt.

What is missing on the photo is the AS and shaving soap. AS has been just delivered. For AS I use Stella Alpina from Saponificio Varesino in nice small 100 ml metal bottle. Similarly, soap comes into tiny metal snuff box as could be seen in the other picture.

That all is minimalistic but fully sufficient.


charity, pottery, shaving, shaving brush


Here I put all the pigments at hand alltogether. It went crazy, but might be appreciated by those who look for something fresh and modern.

BTW, it fits nice to the shaving bell made before. The bell has gone but the handle goes for charity soon.

shaving, shaving brush

Greenish stoneware

This handle was intended to pretend the style of old potters who were developing glazes themselves from iron, cooper and lead oxides by firing them and mixing with clay washes plus some ash. Here is just commercial glaze. I did not dare to apply ash on such a small guy.