Porcelain is a quite expensive material. Therefore, I took an attempt to find out a kind of replacement. To goal was to discover something which is pure white and capable for high temperature firing. The choice was for Witgert 011 Mont Blanc. I can even see on some portals, that they name it – a porcelain. The pure white color and 1300°C max firing temperature were very promising. Price was significantly lower than the same volume of regular porcelain. I must admit that I already enjoed a lot Witgert 116sf Anthrazit for high temperatures, especially with ash-based glazes.

50dkg mugs (011 with traces of other material)

And that is all about positives. It was a great unpleasant surprise. First of all it requires solid preparations. Clay dries very quickly and gets stiff. Even if taken out of the box, the outer parts were to very different from inner parts. Once mixed I could start work. But It never happened to me with other material, not at that level.

Throwing itself is ok. But it does not provide solid support for larger pieces. So whether it collapses or requires thicker walls. Very different from porcelain. You may think that trimming could rescue such semi-output.

Then, I realized that it loses its plasticity very quickly when drying. Up to that level that trimming becomes almost impossible. Instead of cutting parts it tears them out. Then you must be very quick with applying handles or a spout. Otherwise the difference in moisture between the body and the attachment becomes a stopper.

I managed to make some mugs and flower pot. But probably will not get back to this material.

2kg flower pot