A month ago, when there still was the beautiful sunny autumn, I wanted to take some photos of the latest sets. Outdoor session with natural light, golden leaves and bit of time is not something that often comes easy altogether. For photography, I prefer and enjoy real scenery over any studio arrangements. But that may bring some surprise.

Here, my dog got interested in all these strange preparations and trials. And decided to research why these things bring so much of my attention. I managed to make a picture but could not stay still – what is visible on the picture. Just after that, she escaped with the brush experiencing even more interests on her..

Fortunately, nothing bad happened to any piece. A bit later I could finish my job properly.

The below set is made of grey clay from Witgert 116SF Anthrazit, glaze WT-11510 or 11403 (gołębie). Razor is a regular Titan remade (stabilizers taken out) and scales changed to kirinite dessert camo.