My favorite size for razor is 7/8 and I like very much smiling blades (you know what I mean). I looked for something affordable at this category. Finally, I discoved the following Sheffield razor from F.R. Reynolds.

It came to me in the condition visible in the following picture. Some rust on the blade and splitting layers in the  scales. Despite that, this is a piece of steel. Therefore renovation was not an issue, not a risk to the blade itself.

I managed to learn its history. Produced in UK before IIWW, bought by US young soldiers sent to French front and then brought back to US. Sold to me by the son of the one who take it from Europe when coming back.

I made the design of scales and selected kirinite lava flow for it. Quite brave but I wanted something sticking out, yet classic. At the beginning there was an idea to add additional red thin layer under the scales, but fortunately it was dropped.

The perfect renovation was done by Lewy. See the results below.