Steam punk is great! I’ve made some artefacts in my own way. Those who like this style in design they enjoy the buys below a lot. Others not. There is still space for new details and approaches. In both – glazing and mechanical elements. The best would be to experiment with glazing in wood firing kiln and get closer to what Tim See is doing. I hope to come to this point in some time. There are also a lot of examples with excelente mechanical details. But my concern is – the effort needed to make them and than serious doubt how fragile are they in use (if it can be used at all).

In fact the above pieces were not the first approach to make steam punk from me. I did in very beginning of my pottery journey with different clay and glaze. Not all successful, mainly due to its heavy weight. But still ok.

Definitely I will continue, but with a longer break. It is not something that I want to make in series. Every piece is different by definition. I have some nice ideas to include gear wheels etc, but need a bit more preparations and tooling. That is not immediate.

And finally also the double wall shaving scuttle. There is double bottom and the aside containers for hot water.