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May firing

Transparent glaze turns into violet

This time I’ve experience surprise with transparent glaze which turns into violet. The milky violet comes on left side in the flower-pot and its basis plates while glossy violet can be seen in the middle – the tankard and bowl. The same bowl can be observed in the below picture as well. Well saturated and very consistent. I suppose it the terracotta clay which pigmented the glaze. This is CJ 0497 glaze on SiO2 PF clay.

Another attempt to get crocodile glaze

Unfortunately another failure. The underglaze and glaze were laid thick on one side. Uneven shrinking caused cracking.

Spring comes with flowers

As usually the May firing is focused on flowers, flower pots, bird houses, vases. It happened that it nicely fitted to bouquet of roses given to my wife.

Once the set is fully made, there is no reason not to use it in real. See below.