I’m not keen of stropping on the typical set of belts which are connected together and each possesses its own handle. They are usually equipped with many hard parts (handle, pins and clips/carabiners). For some time I’ve been looking for something simple and multipurpose. Lack of progress lead me to some hesitation – why all go into the same design. We all may remember that old people often used their trousers’ belt for stropping.

Finnaly it led me to design my own strop suite and ask my son to make it. It is not yet that multipurpose as I intended – still cannot be used as regular belt. The belt which you can see below is not perfect from esthetics point of view but:

  • there are no metal elements, it can be used on the door handle or additional clip which I present below
  • the leather part and cotton strap are connected together on both ends so it stretches both simultaneously when pulling by handle
  • because of the above the stropping surface is more flat
  • the surface is even more flat and stable because the upper part is supported by the bottom part all the times
  • the handle is made from the same piece of leather than the strap itself, so it provides good balance of hardness and softness for practical use
  • there no metal pins or rings to harm the fragile edge of razor
  • it can be extremely wide with no need to look for extremely large clips