Here is the beautiful razor that was renovated by Lewy in the scalesselected bravely by my. There is other post on the razor itself.

Once the razor was done I started looking for its companions – brush and scuttle. That  is not easy because the kirinite lava flow material for the scales is semitransparent and opals with grey. Because of transparency in nicely projects 3d effect.

My choice was obviously ceramics. Coloring porcelain body with traces of red colored clay. But red pigment is full o Cd cadmium, which is highly poisonous. I had to wait long for encapsulated pigment from Germany.

In meantime I tried to do so with regular cream clay C930 and glossy black glaze WT11401 with Botz Pro red strip. First attempt – good match. Assess it yourself below.

Interesting thing – the scuttle and brash are not fully fired to stoneware.There was unexpected break in delivery of electricity. I can fire it again, but there is no rush.

Below you can see an attempt to agateware – black with red traces. No glaze. I like the satin end effect.